I Feel Great!

I Feel Great!

Mica Chesshir, Writer and Editor

   Arkansas High students were able to listen to motivational speaker, Ted Wiese, Monday morning about the importance of leadership. Wiese got his message across by including fun activities and stories, continuously making the crowd of students laugh. He started off with a game of “Ted Says”, with all the students eager to beat his fast words and quick wit. Then, Wiese told the students that there are three choices they will make when there is a problem at the school: wait for someone else to do something about it, not care about it, or take action and make the change to better your school. Wiese continued with saying that just deciding to do something isn’t taking the action to carry it out. A leader has to go beyond the decision and put that choice into motion.

   Wiese said, however, that fear is a big obstacle. To show this in a fun and engaging way, he asked for three volunteers to wear goggles, then told them that he will be putting a “Honduran Newt” (which he had just finished talking about in a story he had made up) in their hand for them to eat. Having not known the story was made up, the blindfolded students began to quiver, but when the time came for Wiese to pull the “Honduran Newt” out of the bag, the whole crowd laughed as he pulled out a gummy worm dripping with water to make it feel slimy. The students laughed even further when Wiese put the “live newt” into the three students’ hands and they jumped around hysterically. The purpose of the activity was to show that an unknown outcome can cause fear to take action, but all one has to do is take a risk, grab the gummy worm, and eat it.

   Ted Wiese also talked about how a positive attitude is an important part of leadership and how it can inspire kindness and acceptance among the students to make a good atmosphere, regardless of the school itself. He got the students to all clap together in a rhythm, and at the end, they all shouted together, pumping their fists into the air, “I feel great!” Wiese closed his presentation with a story of a woman who had a button on her shirt that said, “I am number two”, and when he asked her who was number one, wearing a cheeky grin, she pointed and replied, “You are!” He said that he couldn’t help but grin real big, so he proposed to the student body that he would reward those willing to spread his message of positivity with a button that had the same phrase as that of the woman’s button, under the condition that they respond the same as she had. After the presentation, a massive crowd of students were down on the gym floor to get a button, ready to spread positivity and take one step further in becoming a leader.

   Arkansas High would like to thank Ted Wiese for coming to our school!