Fighting Poverty: One Bracelet at a Time

Mica Chesshir, Writer and Editor

Harley Brock shows us her bracelet supporting children in need.

    Mrs. Shumake’s AP European History class has taken a step beyond the classroom by bringing what they have learned in history to the world today. A few years ago, Mrs. Shumake decided to sign up for the AP College Board’s pilot program to support service projects, and Arkansas High is one out of only 500 European History classes that are participating in the pilot program. In the second year, College Board chose the charity, WE, for Mrs. Shumake’s AP European History Class. WE is a profit service project that promotes service projects among young people. Each year, Mrs. Shumake’s class focuses on a specific lense while studying history, and the service projects for that year will relate to that specific lense. For example, last year the class observed education throughout European history and supported service projects supporting today’s modern education.

    This year, the class is focusing on poverty through time, so the class has split into groups with each choosing a service project to support. “Since history repeats itself, we can take what we learn about poverty in European history and relate it to what is happening now.” Amy Claire Mugno, Gabi Miller, Allie Spellman, Maddie Edzards, and David Nason have been working hard on their project this year. They are supporting the organization, Save the Children. Mugno said that they chose this organization because the group felt passionate about helping underprivileged and impoverished children. “I like how we get to do community service, specifically that I get to help children across the world,”continued Mugno. Spellman said that they chose to support this project because “the youth is the future”. To raise money for Save the Children, the group decided on selling bracelets because it is something popular right now. Each bracelet has a name of a country or specific child that the money will be going to. The bracelets are each made with thought and hard work as bead by bead is put on for a bigger purpose.

    Arkansas High can support Save the Children by buying a bracelet for three dollars from one of the students in the group listed above. Make a difference this Christmas season, one bracelet at a time.