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Girls and their Rabbits

Harley Brock, Writer

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FFA stands for Future Farmers of America and it’s an intracurricular student organization for those who are interested in agriculture and leadership. Students in FFA get a chance to show animals like chickens, rabbits, sheep, horses, and many more. Here at Arkansas High the FFA club show rabbits.

There are three girls in FFA that show their own rabbits that they bought and take care of. Sophomore Dacoda Goethals is the proud owner of eight month old Willy, who got his name from the color of his coat. “I named him Willy because his gray coat reminded me of an old man, and Willy is an old man name.” Junior Samantha Reynolds is the owner of five month old Bambi. “I picked Bambi because I love the movie, and I didn’t want his name to be something original like Thumper,” Reynolds explained.Senior Kate Todd is the owner of her nine and a half month old Spazz, who received his name because of the way he acts. Todd explained that when her rabbit arrived for the first time, every time someone touched him or got around him, he would spazz out. She had to look no further for his name.

Each student has to train her rabbit to do well in the FFA shows. Dacoda Goethals spends two hours everyday with Willy. During that time she works on his showmanship and his fur to make sure it is in great condition. Samantha Reynolds spends two-two and a half hours with Bambi. Reynolds works on Bambi’s posing, and his attitude.  “I work on his attitude the most, because you want a happy rabbit not a mean one that will bite,” Reynolds said. Kate Todd takes two hours to work with Spazz. Todd went on to say Spazz has a mind of his own, so I have to take training time with him very slow, but during that time I work on his showmanship and I exercise him so he can gain muscle.

In the past FFA show every girl and their rabbit managed to place. Dacoda Goethals and Willy managed to place second out of all the Mini Lops. Goethals believed she could’ve worked on Willy’s attitude for him to have done better. Samantha Reynolds  and Bambi brought home third in Best Variety out of all the rabbits combined because his coat color was the best. Reynolds thought maybe spending more time with Bambi, just playing with him could’ve helped him place better. Kate Todd and Spazz received first in Best Breed. Todd explained that she doesn’t think there’s anything she could’ve done differently, because the amount of time and what she does with Spazz has been working out for her every time.

At these shows every rabbit is judged a certain way. “It’s almost like a pageant,” Goethals explains, “because they are judged on the way they look ,their coat, the way they pose, the way they act, attitude, and their muscle tone.” Goethals has another rabbit named Midnight that she had before Willy and at his first show he was disqualified because he had one white toe and the rest were black. In these shows all rabbits must have the same color toe nails.

After the school year is over everyone has the choice of keeping their rabbit or selling them. All of the girls wanted to keep their lovely rabbits, and every single one of the girls are going to keep doing the FFA shows even after they graduate.

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Girls and their Rabbits