Surprise Winter Break


Christina Cannady

Tuesday, January 16th, and Wednesday, January 17th of 2018 were the first snow days for Arkansas High this school year. Students received the surprise of a five day weekend, already being excused on Monday to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Texarkana and many of the surrounding areas received two or more inches of snowfall, along with temperatures dropping below ten degrees. All schools were closed on Tuesday, and many had two hour delays on Wednesday. Arkansas High chose to close their doors on Wednesday because many students travel from outlying rural areas where roads are more slick because of less traffic. Schools further out, such as Genoa and Fouke High school, were also closed Wednesday, and remained with their doors closed on Thursday, January 18th and Friday, January 19th due to more icy road conditions and school utility issues.

With the extended five day weekend, Arkansas High students spent their free days relaxing, having fun in the snow, and catching up on homework and assignments. All students interviewed were in favor of more snow!

Shelby Robinson, Sophomore, spent her time out of school “playing in the snow, watching T.V., and working on homework.”
Madison Colbert, Junior, spent her free days “sleeping in, hanging with friends and sledding.”
Alexis Villezcas, Senior, states that family is brought closer together because of the cold.
Christina Cannady, Senior, spent her snow days “having fun with my best friend and taking the snow as an opportunity for AP Photography projects.”