Got Gold?


Mica Chesshir, Writer and Editor

   It’s that time again. Countries around the world are preparing their athletes for the 2018 Winter Olympics. This year, the worldwide event will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea beginning on February 9th throughout the 24th. Due to tension in North Korea, the U.S. government has considered very seriously whether or not the U.S. should participate in the 2018 games. However, on December 5th, White House spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said that the US will be attending the games (Tom Schad, USA Today).

   Several Arkansas High students are looking forward to the upcoming games. Kara Reaves plans to watch “all figure skating.” She said she loves figure skating “because it is graceful, unless they fall.” She is most looking forward to watching Bradie Tennell. Hannah Waid also said she is looking forward to watching the figure skating events along with speed skating and bobsledding because she loves ¨the dedication these people have in their sports.¨ Tyler Wormington, who runs in cross country and track, said he enjoys the speed skating. ¨Watching them makes me want to aspire to be like them,¨ he continues. Hannah Chapman, who has been a dedicated watcher and fan of the Olympics for years, said, ¨I like to support my country.¨ She expressed how she likes how all the countries come together. ¨Itś really inspirational hearing all the athletes´ stories of how they achieved getting to the point where they are now.¨

   When scrolling through your TV channels, look out for Bradie Tennell in Women’s Single Skating, Nathan Chen in Men’s Single Skating, siblings Maia and Alex Shibutani in ice dancing, Kevin Bickner in Ski Jumping, Hilary Knight in Women’s Hockey, and other U.S. athletes.

   Across the world, eyes will be mesmerized to the television as millions tune in for support for their country and awe at the phenomenal skill and talent displayed on the screen. Be a part of this celebrated event this February, and willingly, the U.S. will bring home the gold.