Unfinished Business

Blaire Bledsoe, Writer


Seniors Austin Nix, Gage Gore, Wren Williams, Matthew Mobley, Kameron Clark, and Dylan Adcock never thought that their senior year would have come so quickly. Most of these guys have played together since dixie league baseball, and even made it to a few little league World Series Championship games on their way up to high school ball. These Razorback seniors have at least 18 games to play their hearts out for the last time.

“This season I want to see us really connect with each other,” senior Wren Williams said, “I know we have the ability to beat every team we’re up against.” There are big expectations for the baseball team this year and according to the seniors, they have what it takes to go deep into the playoffs this year. Unfortunately, like the cliche says, all good things must come to an end. Mothers only have a short amount of time to watch their sons play the game they fell in love with and sons only get to spot mom and dad in the stands from the dugout a few more times. There is nothing sweeter than the smell of the freshly mowed grass, the feel & smell of a well-worn leather glove, memories of the dancing knuckle ball that the pitcher threw for the last strikeout and the echo of an umpire calling out an opponent’s best hitter! All these memories may be coming to a close in just 3 short months unless the baseball gods grant them those extra innings they most desperately desire. The culmination of all the innings played, all the hours spent practicing: throwing, catching and hitting…enduring 100 degree southwest Arkansas sweltering heat or a late season cold snap….and for what? A chance to make a final triumphant stand, wearing a battle-tested uniform, hoping to play the role of a lifetime, on the baseball diamond at hog field.

On February 19th these players will walk out onto the field for their final season opener as Arkansas High Razorback. “We all have one goal of course,” senior Austin Nix said, “ and that is to bring home a state championship title.”