Gridiron Girlies

Blaire Bledsoe, Writer

On March 16th at Razorback Stadium the “Prom Moms” will put on an event that is sure to bring a crowd. At 2:00 the junior girls will compete against the senior girls in Arkansas High’s first Powderpuff game in many years. As far as Arkansas High is concerned, Powderpuff Games have been a tradition. My dad and Aunt both graduated from AHS in the mid and early 80’s and the powderpuff game was hotly contested drawing a good size crowd to witness the girls show off their talents. The crowds came to watch the guys dress as Cheerleaders and Majorettes too. It was entertainment for all.


Who’s got the strongest arm, fastest leg, best hands to catch a pass? All these questions are critical to crown Queen of the Hill.We’re not talking about just any “Porker Queens;” but who’ll have the bragging rights for the next twelve months, as the best on the field. For the day, at least, it’s ok to be a tomboy and block someone or throw a pass. The girls can don the Razorback jerseys and prove they’re worthy of scoring a touchdown.

There is no entry fee to play in the game and all ticket sales will begin on March 1st. Tickets will be sold at the gate; $5 for adults and $5 for student tickets which must be purchased during their lunch. All of the money raised will go towards the senior class fundraiser.


The game will be approximately 45 minutes to an hour long. During halftime of the game there will be a “Teacher Kiss the Pig” fundraiser where the teacher with the most money donated will have to kiss a pig. The teachers nominated are Mrs.McLelland, Ms.Teeters, Ms.Turk, Mrs,Crabtree, Mrs. Keopple, Mrs.Huddleston, and Coach Ritter. Donation buckets will be set up in the nominated teachers classrooms and in the cafeteria during all lunches. The girls will be wearing AHS football jerseys to play in and will be competing for a trophy and of course, bragging rights. The coaches for each team will be senior football players.

There is still time to sign up to play in the powderpuff game. Contact Whitney Lindsey @903-559-6327 if you want to sign up or have any questions. You do not want to miss this showdown between the upperclassmen girls.