Classy and Sassy


Mica Chesshir, Writer and Editor

   Students don’t have to be in Tammy Turk’s class for long to know that you’re being taught by a classy and cultured woman. Ms. Turk has an obvious passion for the written word, and this is evident when she discusses stories such as “Nightwatch” and “Salvation.¨

   Ms. Turk chose to become a teacher because she wanted to share her love for literature. She gets her passion for English from her interest in stories and history. “I’ve been reading a lot since I was a little girl. I read all the Nancy Drew books over one summer, and my parents always encouraged reading.”

   One thing Ms. Turk finds challenging as a teacher is finding time to grade all her students’ essays, but she wisely said, “if you love what you do, it’s not really a job.” Her students are what make her job so special. Ms. Turk said what she loved about her students is how “smart they are, their fresh ideas, unique perspectives to things, and how well they understand current events.” Her favorite memories teaching are whenever any of her past students come back and see her after they graduate. “I love to see how successful they have become,” she expressed with a smile.

   An avid traveler, Ms. Turk journeyed to England several times and got the opportunity to enjoy their culture. She said that even though the “food was bad, the history was rich,¨ and her widened experience of the world has actually made teaching more challenging. In fact,  Ms. Turk explained, “it is harder to narrow down which great literature to share with my students. I want to teach more than time allows, but I like how a teacher has the flexibility to share what they like with their students as long as it follows the curriculum.”

   Just as Ms. Turk enjoys teaching, her students enjoy being in her class. Kara Reaves likes how Ms. Turk is so “straightforward” and “doesn’t waste any time.” She wants her students to do their best, and she wants to prepare them for the next step in their education. ¨She has really prepared me for Mrs. McLelland’s AP Literature class. She makes sure everything she teaches has a purpose to help us become more successful.¨

   Christina Cannady said that Ms. Turk “likes to find the deeper meaning of the context that her classes read, and she ensures that each student is capable of a thorough understanding of what they are learning.” Cannady continues with saying, “I like how she likes to have relationships with her students and is so laid back, yet she still cares about her students’ education.”

   Allie Spellman loves how Ms. Turk can goof around with her students and still is a wonderful teacher. “I love her personality and humor,” said Allie Spellman, “she’s super funny and sassy. One day in class, she compared me to Regina George from Mean Girls as a joke, and she had the entire class laughing.”

   Ms. Turk teaches AP Language, so upcoming juniors who plan to take the class can start looking forward to the new year.