Excited Screams, Yummy Food, and Good Times

Mica Chesshir, E.I.C.

   It’s quickly approaching folks! Can’t you already smell the mouthwatering aroma of funnel cakes and jumbo corn dogs, see the familiar colorful lights dancing in your eyes, and hear the excited screams of people beckoning you to come and share the fun? Well if you don’t, hopefully now you have the full picture.

   The Four States Fair has brought the people of Texarkana and the surrounding area fun, fellowship, and of course, fantastic food for decades. Some Arkansas High students named their favorite food from the fair, not having to contemplate long. Sophomore Mikerria William said that her “favorite food is by far a funnel cake.” Junior Keeriyana Murphy prefers turkey legs while senior Hank Harrelson said that his favorite food was the “deep fried cheesecake.” The Four States Fair was first founded on March 6th in 1945, although, according to the Four States Fair website, there has been a pamphlet inviting guests to a rodeo in 1941. For decades, the fair was held on the Texas side at Spring Lake Park, but in 1985, the fair moved to the Arkansas side where it’s still thriving each year.

   Businesses, churches, and other organizations have used the fair to promote themselves to the community. For example, each year businesses set up booths to advertise, giving away various things to people as they walk in and churches fundraise by selling food and drinks. The fair is also an ideal place where individuals can express their talents. People, young and old, show off their talent at the art competition in the Barbara Gleboff Fine Arts Building each year. There are live bands, giving local musicians new opportunities to play. You can watch barrel racing and tie down roping at the rodeo and look at the animals being shown at the Four States Fair livestock center. Also, don’t miss the 28th annual Demolition Derby. It’s real life bumper cars!

   The excitement is evident in the students at Arkansas High. Senior, Kaitlyn Oliver, said that her favorite memory of the fair is hanging out with her friends and “talking people into riding the scary rides.” She said the best part of the fair is “always running into people I know and catching up with them.” After asking Murphy about her favorite ride, she said smiling, “The Supershot.” Williams said that her “favorite ride is The Fireball”.

 Don’t miss the Four States Fair this year which is coming to town a week from today, on September the 14th! The entry price is only seven dollars, so go out and enjoy the atmosphere, smell that wonderful food, and take part in this long-standing community event.