The Leadership of God


Adison Cummings


Fellowship of Christian Students is one of the many clubs on the Arkansas High Campus and wants to spread the word of God throughout the school by speaking to those who want to listen. FCS meets every Thursday of the month in room 208. Madison Stanley, “FCS is about student fellowship and building a closer relationship to God with our peers. Boom.” Regular FCS attender The facilitator, Tonya Dunphy, or the speakers representing churches throughout Texarkana provide pizza and drinks each time they speak. Everyone is allowed to attend FCS and hear the word of God. A lunch meeting consists of pizza, water, cookies, and a wonderful message from different pastors each week.

FCS, last year, began a new way of speaking which is called FCS Leadership. These pre-picked students lead worship services once a month. The students are provided with a pre-planned lesson by local youth leader at Central Baptist Church, Becca Watts. These students divide into groups and lead other students in prayer and worship. This helps to reach students through their peers and speak to them more clearly. FCS leader Gracie Pendergraft position on the leadership team impacted her “in a positive way, it made me realize how much we need to spread the word with the students here at Arkansas High. It really made me spend more time with God when we had to study the lesson and prepare ourselves to lead lunch discussions.”

FCS will begin meeting again in room 208 during all three lunches on September 27th. Students and staff are also invited to attend See You at the Pole which is a time of prayer in the front of the school September 26th at 7:30 A.M. Also, FCS will be attending Fields of Faith at Pleasant Grove Stadium on October 3rd at 7:00 P.M. Fields of Faith is a city wide event with music, food, free t-shirts, and a life changing experience with testimonies from local students and messages from local pastors.