The Razorbacks’ Winning Tradition


Jaylon Nard, Staff

Head Coach Barry Norton, of the Arkansas High School Razorbacks, had a lot to  say about this year’s football team. Norton coached at Texas High School for many years before coming to Arkansas High School in 2017. He has one year of Razorback football  behind him and is now looking forward to the 2018 season.

“Our motto this year is WE. This stands for we rather than me. We’re stronger together than we are individually, and it also stands for win everyday,” Coach Norton explained. The Razorbacks are 2-1 heading to this week’s game against the Magnolia Panthers.

 Senior Ray Howard, the starting wide receiver, said, “We are loaded with talent on the team, with starters and backups.We have put a lot of long days and nights into us winning.”

Norton believes that the Razorbacks are stronger and have more fire power on the offense that can help win games this season. When asked what is the team based on, defensive or offensive, he said “Well, I think this year it will be more balanced. Last year we were a much better team defensively than offensively and [this year] we have all the things it takes to be a good football team.”

When asked what the team needs to work on going into the season, Norton stated, “Well I think constant hard work up until the last day we play. We have to continue to be better every day and grow individually and as a unit.”

The hogs are all about hard work this season.