Rain Or Shine

Maria Galvan Labrada & Adison Cummings, Staff

The 6th annual CASA color run, took place at Trinity Baptist Church, on September 22. The run consisted of 260 runners who were covered with different colors throughout the race. The runners ran through the marked path that goes through the trinity field and throughout the trail in which there were many stations located to throw color to mark the free white shirt with a rainbow of colors. At this event all schools were represented, and from Arkansas High, Interact Students supported the runners out in the rain. CASA offers volunteering spots for schools and other organizations to provide informational or recreational services. Some organizations that attended, were Arkansas Fish and Game Commission, Texarkana Emergency Services, and Super One Foods. Interact was there with provided tattoos from Tonya Dunphy, the club sponsor, and whoever wanted one could have one for no charge.