Put Your Mind to It

Put Your Mind to It

Hannah Chapman, Staff

Demetrias Charles, better known as DC to friends and family, is one of Arkansas High School’s star football players. He plays defensive end for the Arkansas High Razorbacks, and DC loves the game of football. His favorite part of the sport includes being with his teammates on Friday nights and going out and competing. With any sport, things are not always going to be easy. When asked what he does when he faces obstacles, DC responded with, “I keep in mind that I know I can do anything. I put my mind to it and go back to all of the things I was coached to do.”

Demetrias Charles #10 during the Arkansas vs. Texas

Oftentimes someone can be a great athlete, but not have a great attitude. This is what makes DC a stand out player. He takes what he does seriously and tries to look on the bright side no matter what situation he and his teammates are in. When one of his teammates was asked what they thought of DC, left guard, Jaylon Nard,  responded with, “He is a great young man who really loves what he does. He is committed and a team player. DC gets the job done on the field.” DC has loved this game for a long time, as he has played football for nine years now.

After graduation, DC plans to start working on playing football at the next level. Possible schools where DC will continue his football career include University of Central Arkansas, Arkansas State University, or University of Louisiana at Monroe. Towards the end of DC’s interview he was asked what he was looking forward to in the rest of the season, and he said, “I am looking forward to winning the rest of our games, getting better every week, and playing in the 5A State Championship game!”

DC has his eyes set on the prize, and he will not stop until he achieves it!