What Not to Wear: Dress Code Edition


Mica Chesshir, Staff

    We make many decisions after waking up everyday: What to eat for breakfast, texting certain people, and what show on Netflix to start. One of these is deciding on what to wear and how to present yourself at school. Some might consider that our dress code is strict, but we don’t have it as bad as we think.               The dress code at Arkansas High is very lenient compared with other schools in the country. At Arkansas High, shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than fingertip length while just across town at Pleasant Grove High School, shorts, skirts, and dresses must reach to the mid thigh. In Bryant, Arkansas, bottoms must not be any shorter than four inches above the knee which is a much stricter length than Arkansas High’s. However, public schools in Bryant are enforcing their rules on all students. Cheer uniforms have just been banned at Bryant schools (they can still be worn at the games). While students can’t wear Nike shorts at Arkansas High, the cheerleaders can go to school with their cheer skirts which are not fingertip length. Is it fair that the dress code isn’t applied to all students? There is also the drill team and volleyball teams’ uniforms to consider as well. Are they in dress code? Now, I am not trying to suggest that cheer skirts should be banned or any of these other uniforms, but only that if they are allowed to be worn at school, they should either be adjusted to meet the dress code requirements or the school’s dress code needs to be modified.                                                                                   The school dress code should be enforced for everyone, or it needs to be modified. In Pinellas County, Florida, the cheerleaders have been given multiple different lengths of skirts and the longest one is saved for school. In other school districts across Florida, cheerleaders must wear their warm ups or some kind of clothing underneath the uniform during school and can take it off during the actual game. There are many possible solutions to keeping the dress code requirements fair to all students. I don’t think any of our school’s uniforms should be banned, but I think it’s very unfair when one student gets in trouble for wearing something too revealing when right across the hall, our school uniforms don’t even fit into the dress code.