Review of Sum Burger

Jonathan Barba, Staff

Sum Burger is the newest burger joint in the Texarkana area. Located on Jefferson Blvd, it has a classic theme and old military pictures that decorate the walls of the restaurant. They have an open kitchen, so you can see them cook and prepare your meal. With so much foot traffic in the new restaurant, I have found someone to share their full experience with me and this is what they had to say:

Q: How was the food?

A: The food was okay, the portions are small for the prices. You could go to another local burger place and get one that is twice as big for the same amount money and taste even better.

Q: How was the service?

A: Everyone was friendly and quick to get my food.

Q: Was there anything special or different about this place compared with the other local burger places in town?

ATheir sodas are different. They carry a different brand of soda that was very good.

Q: How would you rate Sum Burger on a scale 1-10?

A: I would rate it a 5 compared to the other local places in Texarkana.

Q: Would you recommend this place to any friends?

A: I would definitely recommend it to people who are in a rush for lunch that work in the area, or to anyone who wants to try it out for themselves.


There you have it! A review of the new Sum Burger restaurant. Try it out for yourselves and share your experience with them or on their Facebook page!