Review of Arkansas High Winter Play

Rachel Mullino, Staff

The Arkansas High School Winter play, A Christmas Carol, featured an amazing cast and set. The story begins with narrator Greg Jordan. Greg sets the scene, and introduces many of the main characters. Among these characters includes Scrooge, played by James Hodges. Scrooge bases his life around work, leaving no time for friends and family. He is known in his town for his hatred of everything nice. One of Scrooge’s employees, played by Joseph Barton, deals with this hatred every day. When Joseph’s character Bob Cratchit asks for Christmas off, he is quickly denied. Throughout the story, Scrooge is introduced to a series of ghosts played by Raechel Wise, Mason Roberts, and  Johnson. These ghosts take him to Christmas past, present, and future. During these trips, Scrooge goes through a transformation. This transformation causes him to realize how irrational he acts, and he then decides to change his ways. When he returns to work the following morning, he asks his employees for forgiveness and gives them the holidays off. For Bob Cratchit, this day off is much needed. Bob’s son Tiny Tim, played by Bryanna Zimmerman, has fallen ill, and the Cratchit family is fearing this may be their last Christmas with him. In the end, the Cratchit family learns to love Scrooge, and he begins to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Overall, the play was well done. Mr. Hamilton and his drama students did an exemplary job.