An Interview with Sophomore Student Spotlight, Tayler Gamble

Getting to Know the Students at Arkansas High


Who is someone that has inspired you in your life in a positive way?

Gamble: My mom has played a major part in my life. She’s honestly helped and continues to help me mold myself into the person I want to be. I know my life could’ve taken a completely different turn, and without her in it, it would have.

What is something you work hard toward to accomplish because of having your mother in your life? Do you have goals that she inspires you to reach?

Gamble: My mom pushes me to do my best in all that I can. She gave me that “do your best, be your best” mentality, so, because of her, I try to work my hardest toward everything I do. My mom works so hard to make sure that my family is well cared for. Seeing her do her best to give out family a good living environment inspires me to not only do the same for my future family, but to live my life everyday working toward a better future for myself.

What is something you plan to do after high school? How do you imagine your life

Gamble: I’m working toward becoming an anesthesiologist, the doctor that puts you to sleep during surgery, and the average amount of years it takes to achieve that profession is about twelve years, so hopefully, once I graduate and go to college, I can cut some of those years down. I want to do it in eight years, but that means I’m going to have to work really hard for these next couple of years to pass the AP exams. Once I graduate college, I hope to gain a job in the pediatric field. After that, I’m not too sure.

Outside of school, what are you interested in? Do you have any passions or hobbies?

Gamble: I’m interested in literally everything you can think of. I feel like that’s why I branch out into so many clubs. I love the Interact Club. It always makes me feel great to step out of my head and see the outside world for what it really is and not only see, but help others where I can. I’m very passionate about Band as well. I know Band isn’t for everyone, but there’s something about the music and the unique sound and ability that each instrument possesses that intrigues me. Band is a much more refined activity than most and it most definitely takes a certain kind of person to stay with it.

What would you say is the most challenging part of being in high school? What has helped you overcome this?

Gamble: I’d say the most challenging part is trying to stay focused on what’s important. When you get to high school, you get to the point to where you want to venture out into new things and become more independent and while those things aren’t bad things to do, they can steer you off track and even into the wrong direction, if you aren’t careful. Surrounding myself with people who I know have the same, or similar mindset and goals as me really help me stay focused. We build off of each other challenging each other, therefore strengthening one another. Not only have these people helped me stay focused on my goal, but they’ve become someone I can confide in with total trust and confidence.

What is something that is very important to you in your life? Why?

Gamble: My education is very important to me right now. It’s always been. I always worry that I’m not taking the necessary steps that I need in order to get where I want to go so I constantly obsess over every little decision and detail concerning my education and anything that could affect it. It’s important to me because I don’t want to make a mistake that could hinder me in the future.

What would you say is the most fun thing about being a teenager? What makes the stress of working so hard academically worth it?

Gamble: I would say slowly working your way towards independence is the most fun part. I love to know that I don’t have to rely on my parents for certain things anymore. I’m getting to the point to where I’d like to be taking care of myself so when I do those things on my own and go out on my own, it feels very gratifying. I’d say the feeling that you get when you know you’re doing your best and you see that others recognize that you’re doing so makes working hard academically worth it. Often you ask yourself, “Why am I working so hard?” but when you do finally get recognized for your hard work it reminds you that that recognition for that hard work will reap good benefits in the future.

What is something that makes you happy?

Gamble: Knowing that family and friends are all in a good state of mind and are getting positive feedback from their lives. It makes me happy to see the people around me happy.