A Look At 13 Reasons Why

Mica Chesshir, Staff

The hit show Thirteen Reasons Why, has brought a new light on matters all too common in high school. The show addresses many problems that teenagers struggle with everyday such as suicide, body image, rape, being accepted, bullying, and drugs. Each episode of the show is about one of the thirteen tapes that Hannah Baker left behind telling a specific person how they contributed to her death. After watching the show, many things came to my mind.

First, for people struggling with thoughts of suicide or who are at a low point in life, don’t watch the show and think suicide is the only option. Watching 13 Reasons Why can cause one to go down the wrong line of thinking, so I would strongly suggest that before watching the show, be in the right mind. If you are struggling with depression or going through a rough time, I would not recommend watching the show.

Also after watching the show, I couldn’t help but feel that what Hannah Baker did was severely wrong and cruel. Although she was treated horribly by her peers and went through somme undeniably hard times, I believe that leaving the guilt that she did was not any better. The world is a bad place, and every time someone does you wrong, you can’t blame them for what at the end, was your own choice. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the people in the show did some nasty things, however, you can either look past the bumps and bruises or you can stay stuck in a never ending cycle of blaming one person to the next. Even if a misdeed was someone else’s fault, blaming it on them and using that to justify ending your own life won’t help you and will just cause suffering around you. When Hannah Baker committed suicide, the viewer could see the toll it took on the people around her. For instance, her parents, who were once happy and fulfilled, struggled severely with the loss of their only child, especially the mother who became depressed. Also, Hannah’s peers dealt with grief, regret, and guilt, and all for what? So Hannah could justify why she did it? Her schoolmates were in the wrong a lot of the times, but so was she.

It is important not to put yourself in situations that can cause you grief and harm like Hannah did, and did she ever consider the hurt she caused other people as well. She was far from perfect in the show, rejecting one guy who genuinely liked her and screamed at at another one who she even liked back.

Regardless of this, she was hurting and needed help. If you are struggling, don’t make the same mistake that Hannah made. TALK TO SOMEONE. There are many places to find help: a school counselor, a parent, a teacher. Find someone you trust. If you can’t open up to anybody, walk into any church, and I guarantee someone will listen and help.

Even if there is no excuse in suicide, that doesn’t give anyone the pass to treat someone badly or bully someone. 13 Reasons Why should not just be a show we watch and then move on to the next without a second thought. We need to get something out of it and use it as an awakening. After watching 13 Reasons Why, it should make you think on how you treat others and the domino effect of harm one word can say.